Determining the basic camping tent design

One has to consider many factors when looking for the best camping tents like size, color, cost and design. Every design definitely has its pros and cons therefore it is important to find out the best one for every planned trip. One of the best places to find this information is by looking at camping tents review. There are basically three tent designs signs in the market; cabin tents, ridge tents, dome tents.

Cabin tents

These are ideal for large groups camping needs like families, church groups, schools etc. these tents offer large headroom which allows free movement inside and also has enough space for some furniture because it has walls that are nearly vertical. They are ideal for entertainment in extreme weather conditions like when it is rainy and also at night. They are also good because they can be partitioned into several rooms which increase privacy. These tents cover the ground area very effectively though they can be bulky sometimes and take up a lot of space in the park.

Ridge tent

This tent basically resembles the traditional style of a tent. It requires a pole for support, the tent looks exactly like a roof, and is supported externally by ropes. The simple structure and the easy to set up steps makes it ideal for carrying in a backpack and also for situations where the camping sites need to be moved every night. They can handle 1 – 3 occupants and can also be used to store staff. Though light weight and convenient, they are not suitable for heavy weather conditions.

Dome tent

Traditionally this tent is made up of a single upright dome, but there are some instances where there can be several domes combined together into one. The design also varies where you can get half size domes and tunnel shaped ones. It has some considerable space for use but not as large as for a cabin tent. It is however light and good for a backpack. Due to its round shape and flexible poles, it is sturdy and wind resistant. It can withstand extreme weather conditions as well. The only con with this tent is the fact that you cannot use it if you have lots of equipment.

In conclusion there are many hybrids when it comes to camping tents and you should not have a rigid mind when looking for one. For more information, you should research the internet in order to get the best one for your trip.


Best Laptop Backpack Helps Safeguard Your Costly Portable Computer

Despite the fact that modern generation laptops are sturdier than those that were available a couple of years ago, one cannot deny the fact that these portable computing machines are much more sensitive than a desktop. Apart from that, the price of an average laptop is much more than that of a similarly configured desktop. While each laptop ships with a guaranty, the owner has to follow certain terms and conditions printed on it. If the laptop suffers from damage due to misuse or other factors not covered by the guaranty, then the user will have to bear hefty expenses to get it repaired. Keeping this in mind, the owner should purchase the best laptop backpack he can afford. However, one needs to keep certain factors in mind before purchasing a backpack. They should not follow promotional jargons used by many online stores.

Laptops and their accessories weigh quite a lot:

The purchaser needs to check various factors before finalizing the deal. If he requires a backpack to carry his laptop to school/ college, then a general model with a padded interior is sufficient. However, if the person travels quite a lot, then he should purchase a sturdier model. Thanks to increasing production costs and massive competition, manufacturers of laptops cut costs. Many of them offer no cover at all and those who do provide a thin carrying bag. A typical laptop along with its accessories weighs approximately three kilograms. Add the power adapter and a couple of extra batteries and the weight increases to five kilograms. Carrying this weight on your hand over a long distance is very difficult and can even numb the arms of the person. A good backpack, like the Swiss gear sa1923 permits the user to include all the above-mentioned stuff and still have enough space left to carry other things like portable hard disk drives, CDs, etc. Since the backpack is slung over the shoulder, it frees the hands of the user permitting him to carry out other tasks. This particular model is extremely rugged and has space for carrying other items such as MP3 players, binders, water bottles, and much more. It is designed in such a way that even if the water leaks, it will not permeate into any other compartment of the backpack.

Multipurpose backpack:

A well-planned layout with zippers in appropriate places allows the user to access anything whenever wants in a second or two. Special reinforced fabrics and padded compartments provide optimum protection to your costly laptop. The specially contoured and adjustable shoulder straps combined with the light weight of this backpack permits the user to carry it on his shoulder for miles without feeling any stress on his shoulder. It also contains special pockets for storing a smartphone. If you love listening to music while on the move, look for a small slit on the top portion of this backpack. It is meant for inserting a headphone cable to the MP3 player stored inside the backpack. If you do not want to keep the backpack slung on your back, then you can opt for a rolling laptop backpack. It has a stable base that contains wheels. An extractable handle allows you to lug the backpack, providing relief to your shoulders, especially if you have overstuffed the backpack and it weighs too much.


Why use keen boots for your hiking experience

Hiking can be a good experience and adventurous one too but when you are not in the right shoes, the whole experience can turn out to be a painful occurrence to endure.Keen hiking boots are one of the best boots you can use for hiking. This article presents reasons for using keen hiking boots for your hiking adventure.

Guide to hiking boots?

Hiking boots should not cause ankle sprains and blisters; they should provide enough motivation to enjoy the hiking experience by providing comfortable springs and support stiffness.

The type of hiking you want to venture into determines the type of boots to wear. There are several hiking trips you can venture into including climbing mountain rails, walking on smooth trails, tough terrain and steep trails. Additionally, the climatic conditions can as well determine the type of boots to wear. For instance; you cannot put on winter hiking boots for summer hiking and vice versa.

What are keen hiking boots?

Keen hiking boots are boots designed to make your outdoor adventure activities memorable and enjoyable. The company manufactures and designs shoes perfect for all types of water and outdoor actions and ensure that they live true to their philosophy.

What makes keen hiking boots unique from other brands?

They have breathable waterproof membranes that are dry to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable throughout the hiking trip. The boots have large soles capable of biting into the train and provide the necessary traction for all types of hiking. Equally, the shoes have the mid cut height for additional ankle support and body stability when walking.

The boots combine the breathable and waterproof properties to provide warm insulation thus keeping your feet warm and comfortable even during the winter conditions or any other cold conditions. Further, the boots have dual rubber climate sole ideally for all weather conditions including snow conditions.

The boots are built for any type of terrain. The presence of studded outsole provide multi-directional lugs for traction on any type of terrain. What is more, the Eva and cork heel are ideal for superior cushioning on whichever stride, whether it is a rocky mountain switch back or wooded trail.

The Siskiyou trail shoes are light weight and all- round hence ideal for adventuring into dry and warm climates. These are low cut boots capable of blending the flexibility of the athletic shoe and the hiking boot traction elements necessary for rock scrambling, trekking on sand dunes or exploring slot canyons.

The boots have sturdy soles that cannot fall apart easily thus becoming the ideal choice for hiking on uneven terrains. In addition, the boots have a solid bottom for preventing any type of injury to your feet that may result from thorns or stones which you may step on accidentally when hiking.

The sides of the boots have enough support to protect your ankles from being twisted while hiking on uneven terrains. Moreover, they have a decent cushioning on the insole to prevent or reduce the occurrence of blisters. The boots are ideal for short distance hiking and long distance trekking.


Is being ourselves a piece of cake ?

Nowadays we are often advised to be ourselves or be the best of whatever we are. Though with pride we say we disagree with parents or friends, and are even rebelling against them by growing away from them to find our own paths, it is never so easy as it’s said above with ease. It can be our lifelong tough problem.

We may dress as we please, listen to our favourite music and seem to go our own ways, but we may end up thinking alike, wearing the same clothes and listening to same record just like everyone else around. We may just do what the crowd is doing in society. As a matter of fact, we are not striking out on our own or we’re still clutching at one another’s hands for reassurance.


As typical Chinese who love being accompanied and hate being alone, we may find it really hard to stand up against the popularity wave and stand on our own 2 feet. Unless pushed very hard, we are not brave or strong enough to stand out from the rest when very young. Unlike the westerners who stand firmly for their belief that each is an independent individual with his own personality and will, it takes us real courage to be ourselves, yet it’s definitely worth trying. Revolution takes a gradual process, and we can take a small step at a time towards the right direction.


What are the implications of being ourselves? First of all, when we can  take care of ourselves, not relying on parents or others or avoiding the task at hand (what we must do is the near), we are firstly trying to be whatever we want to be. When we give a word, we mean to keep it, not eat or take it back. Getting up or retiring in proper time and being flexible for some exceptions suggest we are capable now and can change necessarily to fit in. We are managing our time, our lives and our emotions. We are responsible for our days, great or rotten. And we can accept our faults, tolerate the errors we as well as others make and learn from them. We don’t get upset by them for we take things as they are and accept people the way they are, and embrace ourselves as well. For being so positive in attitude we deserve some credit to motivate us to move on.


Then, we don’t pretend or preserve a false mask before others. Nor do we change abruptly or cover up the unpleasing sides of ours. We try to enhance our inner value or personal growth to make us feel better or more confident about ourselves. The external factors like looks and status may work for a while but can’t defeat the genuine core values in the long run. We enjoy being loved or liked. As we may not like everyone we know, so we can’t expect those we meet to love us but can live with them happily with efforts. Nor do we ask others to like us(seldom possible) or need others’ approval all the time. We will still be okay or worthy people if sb doesn’t approve of us.


Nevertheless, everyone’s ideas are worthwhile for each has something to contribute and deserves basic respect. We don’t need to change or control others or fix up their lives, for others are just as capable as or more than we’re in some aspect. There is something for all of us here, big or small, important or the less so. Things worth doing for us are worth our utmost efforts. We can’t do everything but we can do something every day. Things may go just fine and even when they don’t, we can handle them.


Lastly, when we’re honest and open about who we are, and our words match our deeds, we are trying harder to be ourselves. In showing necessary discipline or self-command over our daily actions(the main source of our confidence),friends may respect us for who we really are. Instead of being lost,we find ourselves,face reality and not yield to temptations,or sell out to convenience. Before we call us a real man, let’s be our selves, and be the best of  whatever we are  and meanwhile be appreciators of such people.